15m exercise line HMS RP02
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15m exercise line HMS RP02

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RP02 HMS - rope. The product has shields welded to the ends, ensuring a firm grip. High quality, durability and dense rope weave guarantee successful training in all conditions.
The RP02 HMS model is an elegant way for an athletic figure. Its simplicity and high efficiency makes it worth incorporating it into your training program permanently. Compared to traditional training, RP02 HMS rope allows you to activate the whole body. In this way we get much better results, and as a result greater motivation and satisfaction with the exercises.
An innovative feature of exercises with the RP02 HMS rope is the combination of strength and endurance training elements. Thanks to it, we can simultaneously develop both arms, back and shoulders, as well as stomach and legs. The versatility of such training means that it is unrivaled in the fight against unnecessary fat.
RP02 HMS rope has been finished with durable covers, ensuring a firm grip. Exercises with the RP02 HMS rope can be carried out in many ways, which is why we recommend it to both novices and advanced users. Certainly everyone will find their own way to use it.


Length: 15 m
Diameter: 50 mm
Tips protected against fraying
Weight: 21.8 kg

Not intended for commercial use
24 months warranty

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