Set of 2 cast iron pans 25/30 cm
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These cast iron pans offer unmatched heat distribution and retention, excellent, consistent cooking performance.
Use it with any heat source!
Cookers: gas, electric or induction;

Weight: 6.3 kg;
Length: 46.4cm/41.8cm;
Width: 30.5 cm/25.4 cm;
Height: 7.2cm/6.7cm;
Material: cast iron.
Tortilla maker 20 cm
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The Tortilla Press is a unique kitchen accessory that will revolutionize the process of making homemade fresh corn or flour tortillas.
Inspired by traditional Mexican design, the Uno Casa Tortilla Maker is the perfect tool to speed up and stop all the hard work.
The Uno Casa Tortilla Press is sure to be a kitchen staple for years to come thanks to its sturdy construction and premium quality parts.
Pressing tortilla dough into perfectly round, smooth discs has never been easier.


material: cast iron.
Wok pan
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The Uno Casa cast iron wok has an ergonomic flat bottom design with two built-in handles, making weeknight cooking a breeze!
The flat, sturdy base heats up evenly and works great even on small burners.
The round, concave interior of the frying pan is perfect for mixing ingredients.

Weight: 3.6 kg;
Length: 41.9 cm;
Width: 31.8 cm;
Height: 10 cm;
Material: cast iron.