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Baking pot with lid
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This high-quality cast iron dutch pot retains and distributes heat well, meaning it will maintain a consistent temperature for hours.
It has a flip-top lid that easily converts into a medium-sized pan.
Use it with any heat source!
Cookers: gas, electric or induction;


Weight: 5.9 kg;
Length: 26 cm;
Width: 32 cm;
Height: 11.4 cm;
Material: cast iron.
Cepamo formu komplekts
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3 gabaliņi cepamformas;
noņemamas malas, dibens;
izturība pret augstām temperatūrām;
izturīgs oglekļa tērauds ar nedegošu pārklājumu.


sirds forma: 22 x 21 x 6,8 cm;
apaļa forma: 24 x 6,8 cm;
kvadrāta forma: 26 x 6,8 cm.
Moroccan tagine pot
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The tagine pot is ideal for creating luxurious Moroccan dishes and will become the decoration of any dinner party.Beautifully designed based on traditional Moroccan cookware, it is lined with state-of-the-art black satin enamel and is naturally non-stick.The durable enameled surface is scratch-resistant, non-oxidizing and non-rusting.This high quality tagine is oven and stove safe and will look great for years to come.


weight: 4.54 kg;
length: 29.5 cm;
width: 29.5 cm;
height: 8 cm;
material: cast iron, ceramic lid.