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The website -  is operated by AREMSO SIA (“Aremso”), registration number 43603062046, registered - Skolas iela 1, Tele, Ozolnieku novads, LV3043, Latvia. Since 2006.

Purchase of goods.

The online store allows you to view and purchase items by ordering electronically or by writing to the email address listed in your contacts.

All prices are in EUR Euro with VAT 21%.
The pictures of goods are for information purposes only, their actual appearance, color, packaging can differ from the picture.
To find the product you are looking for, select it from the menu or search window.
Add item to cart using "Buy" button.
The top corner of the page shows the number of items in the cart and the total amount.
Click on it to see the contents of the cart. When you have selected all the products you are interested in, click the "Place Order" button.
Fill in the required fields, choose the method of payment and receipt, and click on the order button.
If all the fields have been filled in correctly, you will see a message that the order has been accepted. You will receive an order letter informing you of your order.
Wait for the order confirmation and invoice if you choose to pay by bank transfer.

Delivery of the goods in the whole territory of Latvia takes 1 - 4 working days after the confirmation of the order and payment of the bill.

The duration of the booking of the order is 3 working days, unless the customer has agreed otherwise with the seller. If the customer has changed plans to purchase the product due to different circumstances, please inform us by e-mail If the customer does not agree or inform about the longer booking of the item, the order is automatically canceled.

! The store reserves the right to refuse the order (immediately after ordering without confirming the order and accepting payment) without explaining the reason.

! Product Status:

Item "In Stock"! - physically present (to date) and will be shipped upon receipt of payment.
Item "Order" - delivery term will be specified separately.

Payment Types:

You can pay for the ordered product:

1. By bank transfer (after receiving the invoice to the e-mail specified by you after confirmation of the order);

2. Secure and secure online payment through PayPal;

Our Properties:

Legal and postal address: SKOLAS STREET 1, TETELE OZOLNIEKU COUNTY LV3018
Reg.No. : 43603062046
VAT Registration No: LV43603062046